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Who is the woven basket


We are a San Clemente, California surf family. We love taking surf trips around the globe + enjoy living with the locals and enduring their culture along with them. Our inspiration for well traveled woven goods stems from the appreciation for artisans and their trades. As well as maintaining peace of mind in not purchasing goods that will harm our earth. Our goods are ecologically focused and carefully curated for a biodegradable stand point. 
Our modern + ethically sourced home goods for the well traveled inhabitant provide a collection of handmade goods that reflect their artisans talents.
We strive in only providing ethically + fairly traded goods. 18 years ago we bought our first African Bolga basket and its still a classic staple in our everyday lives to this day. It is a common phrase used daily in our home; "its in the basket" or "check the basket" Our Family is one from a multi generational 100 years in fact, Fabric and textiles business, Hoffman California Fabrics. We created the woven basket in 2017 as a passion project to empower the talents in weaving and woven goods. These families have passed down to their families for generations into present time. 
These artisans each with a unique trade have become our main focus + empowering these artists in keeping their trade alive and thriving is our mission. Hand-made goods are seen fewer and fewer and we feel it is important to help preserve these trades in a more impactful way.
Purchasing our baskets + other hand-made goods will help empower these talented artisans and further their livelihood. All of our home goods are chosen precisely for style + function. A portion of your purchase will help an artisan and their family secure a fruitful life for generations. 
live simple + love purely. 
with Love The Hoffman Family