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About us


We are a San Clemente, California surf family. We love taking surf trips around the globe + enjoy living with the locals and enduring their culture along with them. Our inspiration for well traveled woven goods stems from the appreciation for artisans and their trades.  Our modern + ethically sourced home goods for the well traveled inhabitant provide a collection of hand-made goods that reflect their artisans talents. We strive through only providing ethically + fairly traded goods.
12 years ago we bought our first African Bolga basket and its still a classic staple in our everyday lives to this day. Our fair trade Bolga baskets come from Ghana. Each one is made by hand using elephant grass, goat hide + natural dyes. Every basket displays intricate weaving skills that the artisans have learned from the many generations before them. 
Artisans with a unique trade have become our main focus + empowering these artists in keeping their trade alive and thriving is our mission. Hand-made goods are seen fewer and fewer and we feel it is important to help preserve these trades in a more impactful way.
Purchasing our baskets + other hand-made goods will help empower these talented artisans and further their livelihood. All of our home goods are chosen precisely for style + function. A portion of your purchase will help an artisan and their family secure a fruitful life for generations. 
live simple + love purely. 
with Love The Hoffman Family